Food Habits...

I wake knowing I need to go for a power walk or do a few salutes to the sun and stretches, but before commencing my regime of activity it’s a drink a glass or two of water.  Without a doubt whilst in the midst of my morning activity, I will start pondering my morning meal. Will it be a green juice, porridge, organic weet-bix with unhomogenised full cream milk, sourdough bread with peanut butter, scrambled eggs and parsley on toast or will I skip it and simply go to my desk with a cup of tea and handful of almonds, time is the essence.
It was after staying at The Farm, that I started blending my green juice at home

There’s not too much routine to my consumption of foods as my daily routine is varied and I like to keep my meals varied.  But there are habits that I do have in place that are a staple:
- my sigg water bottle is always filled with water and with me if I have to head out of the office
- a glass of water is always on my desk, sometimes have fun creating a jug of water filled with herbs or fruits
- a delicious pink lady apple or two also accompanies me (especially in the car when I to see my nephew, he likes an apple)
- a quick meal out to break the desk monotony is a bakery pie + salad or toasty
- days are maxed to three cups of tea at the desk or a couple at the desk and a long black with hot milk on the side at café
- veggies in any quantity, format or combination are consumed at some point in the day
- rarely eat red meat and if its chicken its free range and fish is Australian
- downfall! I do love a cherry ripe, a lemon slice or starfish bakery made muffin

shopping that involves freshness + using recycled bags
TIPS to develop some good food habits:
- pack some nuts, sultanas or fresh fruit for snacks
- purchase a quality water bottle, stop the random purchasing of plastic takeaway bottles, once you have your own you’ll use it
- keep meals fresh as possible whether cooking at home or out – especially if eating out or having take-away you do have options!
- choose foods that are not deep fried, covered in sugar or laden with processed sauces
- herbal tea chilled or a few frozen berries in water instead of any surgery processed drink
- spend a week or so at a spa wellness retreat to experience the wholesome spa cuisine can kick start some good habits
just a sample of what Absolute Sanctuary a serving up from their LOVE Kitchen
What wholesome food tips or habits to you have?

a spa gift makes a difference...

We love that 'Spa Day for Breast Cancer' was supported by amazing day spas around Australia who were thrilled to donate to Breast Cancer Network Australia  supporting people who've been touched by breast cancer, whilst at the same time giving us the experience of benefiting from a spa treatment.

October being Breast Cancer Awareness (BCNA) month we are thrilled to have a few wow spa gifts to give away, so continuing on from Spa Day for Breast Cancer we'd love you to make a donation, so one of these rejuvenating spa gifts could be yours:

Hepburn Bathhouse               Daylesford, Victoria
A voucher for two person to experience the Hepburn Bathhouse                         valued $94

Sodashi                         Australia
A voucher so you can purchase from the Sodashi shopping cart!              valued $150

Congratulations and thank you kindly for making donations to support BCNA - Margie and Laura, I trust you will enjoy your Spa Gift

All things spa provide great benefits for your mind-body-spirit, so beyond Spa Day for Breast Cancer we've been gifted with some wonderful spa, beauty and wellness gifts that you could win by simply donating via Spa Day for Breast Cancer .  This donation is supporting BCNA, so simply click on the link above and donate!  These prizes will also be displayed via Facebook and Instagram, so remember to let us know you've donated and to share the fundraiser with your friends. The winning persons will be advised and notified via Facebook and/or Instagram by 9am 1 November, 2017. The winners will be selected randomly. All donations must be made before closing of Tuesday 31 October, 2017.  Each gift/prize will have its own terms and conditions set about by the provider.  No gifts/prizes will be transferable or valid beyond its expiry date.  These have been gifted to Spa Wellness Travel, so we have no link or responsibility of the gift/prize.  Enjoy and thank you all kindly in advance!

Also, you can...

Book a Spa Wellness Travel package and we'll donate a $100 to Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Discover what  Beast Cancer Network Australia do to support women and men touched by breast cancer.