Vata Body Polish...

It is happening as the winter chill kicks in.  The wavering between being in a heated room then stepping out into the cold, wanting a hotter shower to warm the body and the dread of wearing additional layers of clothing.  My body is being cocooned, that feeling of freedom and the natural tan has faded. 

I have always moisturised by body after a shower.  But now with the change of season my body requires more.  It requires change and attention.  That is when I had the “uhhaha” moment, my body needed a bit of Ayurvedic attention.  I love the Ayurvedic principals; ‘the Science of Life’ – giving attention to your internal and external body for natural healing and health.  So out came the Aika Wellness –  Vata Body Polish. 

Vata you may ask.  In Ayurveda there are three body types/dosha: Pitta, Vata and Kapha, which can be determined with consultation from an Ayurvedic practitioner or a quick of quiz.  The practitioner consultation will go into more detail than the quiz, but you will get insight. Also, meeting with an Ayurvedic practitioner you will be able to discuss your wellbeing further.   

But for now, I wish to share my AikaWellness – Vata Body Polish experience.   After reading the instruction on the tub, I stepped into the shower, wet a face-washer and wiped over my arms, shoulders, legs, hips, legs, lower back and glutes.  Now my body was ready, I grabbed my little timber scooper and scooped a suitable measure (teaspoon amount) and emptied the body polish on to my palm and started rubbing one limb at a time and grabbing more polish as required.  With the benefiting ingredients of Himalayan crystal salt, Sesame oil, Nutmeg, Ashwaghanda and much more, I continued rubbing not forgetting my torso, hips and glutes.

Begone that white dry dull look and feel.  Standing in the shower, I continued to rub as water from the shower cascaded over my body.  Once the scrub was rinsed off, there was no lingering under the running shower water.  I was out.  Patting my body dry I was amazed to see and feel the difference.  

I did this procedure a week later.  Now, two weeks after the last I’m ready to do it again.   Do note:  the second time I did the scrub, I’m not sure what I did differently, but the colour of the scrub did affect my white shirt that I wore that day.  Don’t fear, when I washed the shirt it redeemed its whiteness.  I shall keep in mind to scrub my shoulders more thoroughly, as I did the first time. 

As you will have noted I used and linked Aika Wellness, would I recommend it?  For sure. 

The Vata Body Polish has benefited my exterior, but I know that I need to look at my diet at this time to further balance vata.

Stay well and happy.  Enjoy…

Spa Cuisine joy...

There is such joy in staying at a Spa Resort when you experience the amazing care and attention given to the spa cuisine and their spa wellness treatments.  Keemala in Phuket is just that place. 

We are thrilled to share with you a couple of delicious recipes, so you can create and share them with your loved ones.  Of course, the best way to delight in Keemala's wholesome spa cuisine would be to be on a holiday with your loved one. Not only because their wonderful staff would be creating them for you, but because you'd simply be relaxing with your feet up looking out to ocean, swimming in your private pool, exploring the little village of Kamala and then retreating to the Mala Spa. Bliss!

Tomorrow start your day with...

Banana 1pc
Mango  1/2pc
Almond milk  2tbs
Cacao powder  1tsp
Seasonal fruits  1/2cup
Mixed nuts, chopped  1tbs
Chia seeds  1tsp
Goji berries  1tsp

1. In a high-speed blender combine banana, mango, almond milk and cacao powder and blend until smooth.  Pour into a serving bowl
2.  Arrange season fruits on top of the smoothie and top with the remaining ingredients.  Serve fresh.
Keemala - breakfast smoothie bowl
Another wholesome meal to create that can be served for either lunch or dinner and would delight any vegetarian or vegan is Keemala's signature dish:

Fresh baby spinach  400g
Fresh strawberries  10pcs
Avocado  1 whole
Smoked coconut flesh  200g
Edible flowers  5g
Pink peppercorn  5g
Sea salt  5g
Sicilian lemon oil  20ml

Creamy Cashew Nut Dressing
Organic cashew nut  800g
Fresh lemon juice  50ml
Garlic, finely chopped  30g
Chives, chopped  15g
Fine Himalayan salt  20g
Smoked coconut water  200g

1. In a food processor add organic cashew nut, fresh lemon juice, garlic, chives and smoked coconut water and pulse until well blended.  Season with salt to taste.
2. In a large bowl, add fresh baby spinach, strawberries, avocado and smoked coconut flesh and mix well. Top with edible flowers and crushed pink peppercorn.  Add sea salt and Sicilian lemon oil to taste. 
3.  Add dressing to the salad and toss just before serving.
Keemala - signature spa cuisine dish - Spring Spinach Salad
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