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The Festive Season is a time of giving and sharing.  Its a time that can remind us of others, a time to prompt us to reflect on what's important and that giving does not always have to embrace the material.  A hug, a laugh, a story, a help handing, an invitation or giving a simple smile can enhance or change some ones day.
Spa Wellness Travel has chatted to a few friends and is thrilled to provide you with a few savings for your festive season gift giving that will enhance someone's it yours or someone else. Enjoy!

Spa Wellness Enhancer            code                                  benefit                  
Aromatherapy Associates           SPAWELLNESS17          20% saving

Bodecare                                     SWT10                             10% saving

Earthbottles                                 SWTxmas                        25% saving

Ettitude                                        SPA10                             10% saving

Sodashi                                        Wellness                          Geranium & Lavender Hand Cream (50ml)
                                                                                             Jojoba Bead Body Polish (50ml)

Vitaman                                        SWT25                           25% saving          

Sodashi expires 29 December 2016.
Bodecare & Earthbottles expire  31 December 2016.
Aromatherapy Associates expires 1 February 2017.
Vitaman requires a minimum $60 spend.
Ettitude is valid on all products except the Bamboo Charcoal Collection, sale items, delivery fee, imports and duties, until 31/01/2017. Can only be used once per transaction per customer.
No offers are valid with another promotion or offer. 

Happy festive season....

Absolutely You...

Absolute Sanctuary has been a part of our Spa WellnessTravel Collection for several years. Each year there’s a selection process that I go through to make certain that the destination spa we choose to work with is offering a positive experience and outcome for the guest when booking with Spa Wellness Travel.
On the surface, Absolute Sanctuary may look like a solo establishment but for those living in Bangkok; they know there’s much more before it began.  For Benjaporn Karoooknornsakul, it was an inevitable progression for the advancement of Absolute You.  A Thai woman living and working in finance first discovered yoga in 2001 and has been hooked ever since - it resonated with her and she felt the benefits.

On returning to Bangkok, she was adamant she was going to continue her practise and in doing so set about opening her own studio.   As her life and body changed, as it does with age and after having children, her curiosity and dedication to allowing your body to be the best it can be lead to the addition of Pilates reformer classes then CoreBlast classes.  With a mission to improve your lifestyle and evolve you to someone you want to become, Karooknornsakul has created Absolute You. 

Eight studios are now dotted around Bangkok, as well as an Absolute Fitfood outlet - knowing you cannot look and feel good alone on exercise that you do need a nutritional wholesome balance diet to improve your being.  Now this takes us back to where we started, at Absolute Sanctuary.
An award winning destination spa, Absolute Sanctuary in 2016 was awarded “Best for Yoga” by Wellness Travel Awards – spafinder. 

With a large array of fitness and yoga classes at Absolute Sanctuary, guests in the new year can expect an upgrading of facilities, a larger gym and the addition of a rhythm cycling studio in addition two the two new wellness programs – Lifestyle Change and Meaningful Holiday.

Lifestyle Change package is structured over 30 or 60 days with three defined phases to strengthen you and give you the knowledge to take away so your transformed you lives beyond the stay at Absolute Sanctuary!   Enquire and book your stay today.

Spa Wellness Travel reservations: 03-5254 1411

a Hyatt spa here or there...

Booking into a spa hotel or spa resort that is a global brand you can expect the ethos, intent and spa product being offered to be consistent, after all that is why loyalty prevails.  

The Barai within our Collection offers only eight exclusive residential spa suites, is a part of and located adjacent to the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin, Thailand.  Unable to retreat to Thailand at this point in time, my mind pondered the options of a spa hotel or day spa in Melbourne that would suit my needs.  Knowing The Barai’s emphasis on water treatments and facilities and the quality spa products they use, my attention quickly diverted to the Park Hyatt which is home to the Park Club Health & Day Spa.

Perfect!  The Park Club Health & Day Spa provided a steam room, sauna, jaccuzi and pool for me to restore and rejuvenate.  Dedicating time to the warmth of steam and a sauna is a must for me before a treatment and the pool allows for a few laps to stretch my limbs. Beyond the facials, body treatments, massages and beauty treatments for men and women within the spa menu, there's also wellness retreats, which equates to a ‘signature treatment’.   Wanting a bit of everything, I booked a Peace wellness retreat encompassing a calming massage, revitalising facial and scalp massage.

My day started in bit of a flurry as I had an hour and half drive and the weather was horrendous. Thank goodness for complimentary valet parking, to simply arrive and hand over the car makes life easy. Within minutes, I was in the infamous white cozy robe and sipping a cup of warm ginger and lemongrass tea.  Perfect – by now I’ve forgotten the outside world.   Uki, my therapist was amazing, asking after areas that I wanted attention given to and questioning my comfort throughout. Having only a thirty minute massage was not going to treat a full body, but I know if it was I would have been snoring.   

Time from my scalp massage was taken and given to pressing and kneading my glutes (bum muscles), whilst working through my tension and pain, Uki advised this is a common area that needs attention for people who sit at a desk working for a long period of time. Oh the joys!  Whether a sixty minute plus or express facial, Kerstin Florian the exclusive spa-only brand that is developed using natural ingredients and is free from heavy preservative and perfumes is used at both the Park Club Health & Day Spa and The Barai.  Uki offered more advice suggesting I apply vitamin c+ serum under my moisturiser on my face at night to assist with fine lines; I thanked her for the advice and the sample, but eagerly purchased the Rehydrating Neroli Water at the account on my departure.  I love having a hydrating mist in my bag.  The serum maybe next times purchase. 

I was out the door and off to a lunch meeting feeling blissfully relaxed. 
Park Health Club & Day Spa

bliss massage

bathe with these beauties - keep swimming to the end...
The Barai suite batheing
For all Spa Wellness Travel advice and reservations contact:  T: 03-5254 1411

Now, we encourage you take a little time our for yourself.  During November there's TWO OFFERS for you to experience the wonderful therapists, spa products and treatments at the Park Hyatt Melbourne.

1st - Unwind with the Pure Indulgence package - 60min Turkish Salt Scrub, 30min Relaxation Massage, 75min Advance Facial + 30min lunch. Mon-Sat cost $369 and you'll be gifted with an Eucalyptus/Wildflower Bath Soak to take home (valued $65).

2nd - Book any 1hr treatment and receive a complimentary foot or scalp massage (valued $49). Remember to mention Spa Wellness Travel. 
Contact the Park Club Health & Day Spa on 03-9224 1222. 

Asking for it!

Do you ask for what you want or hinder and hide behind your smile to appease others?  Whether you’re single-solo or in a relationship, sometimes asking others to do what you want to do or where you want to go maybe daunting. 

What’s prompted this blog you may ask?  Well, I’m reading an article by Mel Robbins that’s featuring failure, rejections and fears that may be holding people back because they may not be asking for what they want.  So, of course I stop, ponder and question myself - being pragmatic, I like to check in with myself every now and then! Its something you may like to do for yourself also. 

 When you’ve allowed yourself that moment to question what you would like, it may seem like a dream and it is until you take action, then it will become a reality.  To be in that present moment, to ask yourself "what do I want", you give yourself power.  Power to ask whoever it may be for whatever you may want and it is most likely you’ve pondered this, stalled and procrastinated before asking it.  Which takes us back to the underlying reasoning of failure and rejection or is it fear as to why you haven't asked? Every time we ask for something, it’s a hurdle jumped in our life long journey.  

If there is a no or rejection to what you've asked, give it a tick, it’s done then move on to the next.   It’s coming closer to the end of the year, is there something that you would have loved to have done or experienced by now or want for the future? What’s the question sitting inside you that you’d love to ask and who?  Asking is about taking action and gathering information that can keep you moving forward - use it to help enhance your mind-body-spirit. Enjoy!

What have you asked for and received?

a trek that pushes you mentally and physically
an island holiday to rejuvenate
a remote experience like no other

Citrus is not just for winter

Standing in the kitchen the other day peeling a mandarin to consume to increase my vitamin c intake as I was feeling the onset of a cold.  I realised, its a given, I have citrus in my fruit bowl all year round and I love it!

Grapefruit, ruby red my favourite, was brought to my attention again a few years ago when staying at an elderly friend's house.  Every morning, like my nana's kitchen used to be when I was child visiting, a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, toast with jams and vegemite would be on the breakfast table along with a pot of tea.  The difference at my friend's table, she'd have half a grapefruit placed at my seating waiting for me and an avocado was an addition to the condiments. In the 70's I tried it, as dad was on some grapefruit fad, but I found it repulsive.  Sporadically the grapefruit of delicious juiciness and flavour has become a favourite way to start the day.

Another variation to the start of my day is a glass of warm water and a slice or two of lemon.  I'll keep replenishing the glass, thus myself throughout the day with the lemon water until there's no lemon flavour, only then to add another slice to continue drinking.  This also helps as a reminder to drink those eight glasses of water a day. Another citrus take on my morning beverage is, if I have a lime and feel like a bit of zing to my green juice, I'll simply squeeze it in. It's all fresh and full of goodness.

Come the warmer days and days of extended daylight, its limes that I cherish. Why? because I love a gin & tonic with lime. Lime, I also love squeezed over a delicious Thai curry.  Oh, know thinking of food, another favourite is lemon slice or a piece of lemon tart with a hot freshly brewed lot black coffe.  Lemon gelato, who doesn't love that at least once on a summers day or when exploring Italy.

Citrus offers many benefits beyond being a boost of vitamin c during winter, studies show it may even reduce the risk of women having a stroke.  So, when next visiting your local farmers market or grocer store, grab an assortment of citrus and as I've said before "keep it fresh and keep it real".

Here I'm sharing some delicious recipes that I love to use that involve citrus - enjoy!
Lime & Wasabi dressing
Citrus Salad with Manuka Honey, Vanilla + Pistachio
Lemon Chicken soup Greek style - avgolemono
Absolute Sanctuary - Detox Juice
hot water with lemon + ginger
Australian macadamia + citrus body scrub
How do you add citrus to your day? Do tell...

NEW Lifestyle Collection at The Barai

The Barai is an amazing spa resort located on the beautiful beach at Hua Hin, Thailand.  It was the sister property I.Sawan Residential Spa & Club at the Grand Hyatt Bangkok that brought The Barai to my attention. The space, the treatment, the facilities and the comforts that were dedicated to allowing an individual to retreat and switch off, was breathtaking.

It is a thrill to be advised that The Barai at Hyatt Regency's new Lifestyle Collection has just been released.  To clarify, all though the package may seem dedicated, it is still a spa resort, there are no medical persons conducting or monitoring treatments, but there is a dedicated Director of Spa, Sylvia Marsden overseeing all.  Here is a bit of insight to what you can expect...

THE BARAI Lifestyle Collection was created around the three pillars of good health: rest and relaxation, exercise, and healthy nutrition, all of which are essential to leading a long, happy and healthy life. Programs are available in 3, 5 and 7 day choices:
- Ultimate unwind
- Bespoke yoga journey
- Vital body cleanse
- Dynamic fitness kick-starter
- Healthy weight kick–starter (5 and 7 days only)
 “We are very proud to launch our new Lifestyle Collection programs which will focus on identifying our guests personal lifestyle needs, offering support and guidance to help recover from the daily stresses of modern life. After completing the program, our guests will leave THE BARAI feeling revitalised and healthier at the end of their stay. With each program, our guests will receive a Healthy Lifestyle Consultation including a comprehensive Body Composition Analysis with our new InBody machine which goes beyond traditional body composition analysis. Guests will be able to get a detailed analysis of their body fat percentage, lean body mass, and total body water in order to track their health progress and understand how their diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing overall body composition,” said Ms. Sylvia Marsden, Director of Spa, THE BARAI.
 This Lifestyle Collection offers a wide range of relaxing and result-oriented programs that draw inspiration from ancient traditional Thai health rituals, along with the best and most innovative of Western therapies. Taking a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit while focusing on a customised itinerary, the programs are designed to meet the needs of each guest, addressing the most important elements of health & wellbeing. Each program also complemented by a new healthy menu to be served at McFarland House restaurant.
Relax with a Massage
Treatment room at The Barai
The Barai Suite
McFarland House
To share the joy of these Lifestyle Collection programs, Spa Wellness Travel has a special offer for reservations made 30 days in advance: Stay 3 / Pay 2 : Stay 5 / Pay 4 : Stay 7 / Pay 5
For all reservations contact us: T:03-5254 1411 or  E: Spa Wellness Travel Reservations

"Spa Day for Breast Cancer"

Spa Wellness Travel as a partner of BCNA - breast cancer network australia - is thrilled to initiate and have the support of the following amazing Day Spas around Australia who will donate monies from clients spa treatments on the days listed below.

Why are these day spas thrilled to be supporting this cause?  Because like myself they know the importance of touch and being able to have that moment in time, where one can relax and surrender to the nurturing and professional hands of a skillful spa therapist.  Whether you have experienced breast cancer or not, you can help support women who've experienced or who will experience breast cancer in the future by booking your spa treatment today at....

Book a spa treatment for Thursday 23 June at:
Escape Day Spa, Kings Park WA
Escape Day Spa, Bunbury   WA

Natashas Skin Spa, Southbank   VIC
Natskin Day Spa Retreat,  Melbourne   VIC

Dome Spa Retreat, Brisbane   QLD
Q1 Spa, Gold Coast   QLD
Peppers Beach Club & Spa, Palm Cove   QLD
Peppers Beach Club Spa, Port Douglas   QLD
Peninsula Life Medi Spa,   Mornington    VIC

Book a spa treatment for Friday 24 June at:
Escape Day Spa, Kings Park  WA
Escape Day Spa, Bunbury   WA

Natasha Skin Spa, Southbank    VIC
Natskin Day Spa Retreat,  Melbourne   VIC

Dome Spa Retreat, Brisbane   QLD
Q1 Spa, Gold Coast   QLD
Peppers Beach Club & Spa, Palm Cove   QLD
Peppers Beach Club Spa, Port Douglas   QLD

If you are a Day Spa within Australia who'd love to support and be a part of "Spa Day for Breast Cancer" contact us here today to receive relevant information.

Q1 couples stone massage
Peppers Exclusive Spa
"I, personally want to thank the above day spa's for kindly contributing $10 from the spa treatments booked for the 23rd or 24th June and all the persons that are taking a spa treatment on these days.  Half your luck and enjoy the downtime!  I have dealt with two breast cancer diagnosis and numerous procedures since 2007 and know that visiting a day spa or retreating to a spa health retreat was time, that I gave to myself to remove me from the thoughts and processes of dealing with breast cancer and for that I was greatly appreciative and grateful."
 ~ Karen Goudge, owner Spa Wellness Travel 

Unable to visit one of the above day spas, but still wish to donate? You can do so by clicking here on "Spa Day for Breast Cancer". Thanking you kindly x

Bean + Veggie Soup...

From here on its going to be porridge laced with cinnamon, flaxseeds and walnuts with a dash of milk that will accompany my green juice in the mornings.  Lunch and dinners will become hot meals full of flavour and substance and that's the reason why I'm sharing this with you.

The change of the season's climate gradually sneaks upon us.  Sure, we've had intermittent rain during the year thus far, but it's the chilly mornings and extra layers that are now being warn day and night, and the sinking of daylight that now sees me leaving the desk as the dark of the evening has set in, that says winter is here.

I cooked a fresh homemade soup last night and sitting outside today with the sun on my back warming my bones, I registered it was the first day of winter and we'll be eating more of this. To this delicious soup you can add more veggies if you please, use pasta instead of beans, but whatever you do make it fresh and make it wholesome....

Cover beans in water and soak for a day or overnight, changing the water once or twice or adding more water, when convenient.
Heat some olive oil in a saucepan, add onions, carrots and about a minute or so add celery.  Stir it all around so it all coated in oil, not soaking in it! Let it cook away for a couple of more minutes, just for all to look and feel combined.
In between stirring and mixing it up, add garlic, rosemary, thyme and paprika.  Stir all together.  Then add the dice tomatoes.  Stir and mix together.
Add bay leaf, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.
Put the lid on your saucepan, you may want to add some hot water, then let simmer away for minimum of 40 minutes.
Serve topped with parmesan cheese, as I have or use yogurt or your favourite garnish.
Soup without a bread in incomprehensible, so grab your favourite, mine Zeally Bay organic sourdough and spread with a nutritional food such as tahini, avocado, hummus or simply, traditional butter.

a cup of white beans
2 small onions chopped into chucks
1 large carrot sliced
1 stick of celery - stalk and leaves
2 cloves of garlic, squashed and roughly chopped
Rosemary leaves of a twig or if putting the twig in, remove it later
Can of dice tomatoes
2 bay leafs
Pinch of salt, pepper and cayenne pepper
Bread and garnish

You and a friend or two


I always use fresh and/or organic where possible.
Also, a few links have been added to highlight the nutritional benefits of just some of the foods.

If you have a favourite recipe that would be fitting as "spa cuisine" we'd love to hear about it....

Water is the place to get active...

There’s such an array of activities available today to help and keep us feeling well and healthy.  It’s the structured form of exercise that we are requiring more of as our lives become more confined to living a sedentary lifestyle; we live in homes that require less physical activity as there’s minimal if any garden to attend to, jobs that have us sitting at a desk or in a vehicle for hours on end (with only fluctuating spurts of standing) or we choose to sit for a duration of time viewing a screen whatever size it maybe.

After a five month recovery from surgery, I’ve been pondering my activity options as I need to expand my exercise routine.  My routine of late has involved walks combined with a bit of incline running, to practicing my friend JessieChapman's yoga dvd at home. But now I want more, but on contemplating an hour’s combat class it would be pointless, as I couldn’t physically sustain that duration as yet.  I have added to my routine lately a weekly visit to the local aquatic centre, that activity has involved walking a few laps of the 25m pool(at a rapid pace) followed by swimming a few laps (at a not so rapid pace!). I then discovered aqua fitness.

I love being in the water, preferably ocean, I was searching for the next level of exercise, something that was going to be a tad more invigorating than my walks and stretching, but nothing too strenuous that I'd feel deflated or strained because I wasn’t at the level of fitness required for the exercise. So, I have now experienced my first deep water aqua and movement unlimited class.  The deep water has now become part of my weekly routine, its has benefits and its entertaining!  

Forget the notion of “that’s for the old folk” .  Yes they are there, but so are the young and physically fit all adding variety to their exercise regime.  Who else is out there getting physical with aqua fitness is the lovely Mandy who set up Aquamums.  Aqua fit may not be the most heart-racing form of exercise, but it is great for the mind, coordination and to put you into stead for a great nights sleep. 

Mandy with her Aquamums
The reasons and benefits for participating in aqua fit classes is that they can: Increase muscle strength
Build endurance
Increases flexibility
Burn calories
Reduce blood pressure
Are good for:
Low-impact exercise
Alleviating pressure on the joints
Relieving stress and decreasing anxiety

The class descriptions at BASC aquatic centre are:
 Deep Water
A whole body conditioning workout to improve overall strength, particularly the core (abdominal) muscles. Participants are required to wear a buoyancy belt as your feet are off the bottom of the pool.

White Water
A high intensity class designed to elevate the heart rate and improve fitness levels. May involve some moderate resistance work for strength development. An ideal class to add as variety to your weekly fitness regime.

Gentle Aqua
A fun class with a gentle touch. Designed for the older adult, beginners and pre/post natal, classes are social, gentle and conducted in a comfortable / safe environment.

Movement Unlimited
A moderate intensity aerobic workout with a focus on a ‘variety’ of exercises, with ‘fun’ being the key ingredient. This workout is aimed to improve muscle tone and flexibility.

As I regain my fitness and wane from this activity to the next, I’ll be grateful for the experience and the next level of fitness Aqua Fit has taken me to and hope in decades to come, I’m still confident to don the swimsuit and frequent an aqua fitness session.

Kamalaya - aqua fit
If you've experienced the benefits and joy of Aqua Fit we'd love to hear about it....

To experience aqua fit on your next holiday book your Spa Wellness Travel holiday staying at either stunning spa health retreat - Kamalaya Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand. 
Its been months since I’ve had a massage, due to the fact I’ve been convalescing from surgery.  But now, as the wounds have healed and as my body transitions back to its regular movements, a yearning for that massage to release the stiffness within my body from holding itself came to fruition. 

The time had come, but still not completely comfortable with skillful hands rubbing, kneading and pulling at my muscle and skin or me laying in one position for the duration of an hour, I made a quick decision to call and book. Done, I booked in for a half hour massage at a Chinese massage shop.  My massage options two, one with clothes on or the other a little more expense involved clothes off and the use of oil.  I opted for the latter.  It was a no fuss affair; curtains created cubicles while us patrons lay and the masseuse delivered a sense of ease and release.

My body did feel the benefit, but I did walk out thinking of the longer more private and comforting massage within a day spa.  There are varying types and reasons why people embrace the down time of a massage.  I don’t regret the massage, but I do so look forward to the aromas of a day spa, the rituals that can be involved in a massage, whether its selecting your aroma or the pressure of technique, to the ambiance of the room with lighting and soft tunes or the comfort in the temperature as you lay naked or under a cloth. The soothing strokes of a relaxing massage can not only benefit the body, but the mind and the soul as well.   To lift yourself from off the table, get dressed and walk out to face the world and have that smile and feeling of bliss, is why I still love a day spa experience.

Some of the physical benefits of massage include:

  • reduced muscle tension
  • improved circulation
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • reduction of stress hormones
  • increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • improved skin tone
  • speedier healing of soft tissue injuries
  • heightened mental alertness
  • reduced anxiety and depression

Thai Massage - The Barai
Hot Stone Massage - Mandara Spa
Swedish Massage - Huvafen Fushi
When and where was the last time you had a blissful massage experience?  

The Barai - especially for men

It's a given spa treatments are not just for women.  Peruse a spa menu and you'll often discover a dedicated 'his' and 'her' spa treatment section within the menu. Over a decade ago I was with a boyfriend transiting in a Bali, I went a booked a facial for myself and a massage for him.  On return I informed him of the spa appointments and his response was "why didn't you book me in for a facial?".  With a questioning look, I responded with "since when have you cared about your skin?", I went and changed our spa appointment to two facials.
I am delighted to advise the premier luxury spa The Barai within our Spa Wellness Travel Collection has just launched the new 'For Men' treatments using Pevonia Botanica spa products which have been designed combining marine compounds with botanical compounds in order to deliver highly visible results.
Besides the variety of indigenous 'For Men' treatments at The Barai, guests can choose from an a la carte spa menu or indulge himself with 2.5 hours of 'Men's Health' package...

THE BARIA 'For Men' Treatments:
Noir Sonic (body wrap and body massage) - 90 mins
This is a sensuous natural clay massage.  Relax and detox abilities from amino acid extract and vitamin enzymes.  Suitable for sensitive and sun burned skin.  Water lilies and an extract from white lotuses relieve muscle aches, free radicals and sooth the skin.  Ideal treatment for relaxing with a Swedish integrated massage.

Body Energise (body massage) - 90 mins
This treatment increases blood circulation and energy metabolism with the use of extracts of methyl nicotinate and niacin. It is especially designed for those who prefer heavy massage or sport lover.

Skinfitness (facial treatment) - 90 mins
This exclusive anti-aging treatment for men exfoliates and relaxes the skin, reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin with a repairing freeze-dried escutox, a natural botox registered by Pevonia. Pearl extract also helps brighten the skin and the best caviar is applied to repair and revitalise the skin to a youthful look.

DNA - Day & Night All-in-one (facial treatment) - 60 mins
The all-in-one spa facial treatment is designed especially for him.  Marine DNA polypeptides from marine collagen helps tighten pores and deeply hydrate, its potent and is quickly and easily absorbed for an immediate and visible result.

Special OFFER: 'Men's Health' Package
Spa Duration: 2.5 hours
Includes:  Noir Sonic Treatment, 90 mins + DNA (Day & Night All-in-One, 60 mins
Valid: for stays before 31 April 2016

Noir Sonic Treatment - natural clay massage

The Barai - outdoor treatment room area

Powder mask for HIM - skinfit
Discover more on The Barai and for reservations contact Spa Wellness Travel t: 03-5254 1411

congratulations Kamalaya...

From the onset of opening its doors in 2005, Kamalaya has been an award winner.  When I was a participating judge of AsiaSpa magazine, Kamalaya always featured in the nominations and would walk out with winning at least one award. Whether being industry or tourism focused, the award for cuisine or destination spa, Kamalaya has always been deserving.  Congratulations to them!

At the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2016 held in London on 2nd February, Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa was honoured to be named “Best Destination Spa”.
 Each year, the UK’s leading luxury travel magazine selects the world’s best spas in just nine categories setting an internationally recognised benchmark for the wellness industry. This year’s winners are also announced in the magazine’s annual Spa Guide, released this week. The guide spotlights the best places in the world to relax, recharge and be well; demanding consistently high standards, excellent service and palpable results. Kamalaya founders Karina and John Stewart were extremely moved to receive this accolade, which was presented by Condé Nast Traveller’s editor Melinda Stevens: “We are thrilled and honoured to receive this esteemed award from Condé Nast Traveller and are truly grateful for the outstanding recognition this award bestows on the Kamalaya team whose warm-hearted dedication to our guests is such an inspiration. With immense gratitude and heartfelt appreciation we thank the Condé Nast Traveller experts and our whole Kamalaya family including our loyal guests.”

Whether a first time guest or a repeat guest, maintaining or needing to enhance your happiness and wellbeing,  Kamalaya Koh Samui has a great array of purposely designed programs.

For advise and reservations contact: T: 03-5254 1411