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There’s such an array of activities available today to help and keep us feeling well and healthy.  It’s the structured form of exercise that we are requiring more of as our lives become more confined to living a sedentary lifestyle; we live in homes that require less physical activity as there’s minimal if any garden to attend to, jobs that have us sitting at a desk or in a vehicle for hours on end (with only fluctuating spurts of standing) or we choose to sit for a duration of time viewing a screen whatever size it maybe.

After a five month recovery from surgery, I’ve been pondering my activity options as I need to expand my exercise routine.  My routine of late has involved walks combined with a bit of incline running, to practicing my friend JessieChapman's yoga dvd at home. But now I want more, but on contemplating an hour’s combat class it would be pointless, as I couldn’t physically sustain that duration as yet.  I have added to my routine lately a weekly visit to the local aquatic centre, that activity has involved walking a few laps of the 25m pool(at a rapid pace) followed by swimming a few laps (at a not so rapid pace!). I then discovered aqua fitness.

I love being in the water, preferably ocean, I was searching for the next level of exercise, something that was going to be a tad more invigorating than my walks and stretching, but nothing too strenuous that I'd feel deflated or strained because I wasn’t at the level of fitness required for the exercise. So, I have now experienced my first deep water aqua and movement unlimited class.  The deep water has now become part of my weekly routine, its has benefits and its entertaining!  

Forget the notion of “that’s for the old folk” .  Yes they are there, but so are the young and physically fit all adding variety to their exercise regime.  Who else is out there getting physical with aqua fitness is the lovely Mandy who set up Aquamums.  Aqua fit may not be the most heart-racing form of exercise, but it is great for the mind, coordination and to put you into stead for a great nights sleep. 

Mandy with her Aquamums
The reasons and benefits for participating in aqua fit classes is that they can: Increase muscle strength
Build endurance
Increases flexibility
Burn calories
Reduce blood pressure
Are good for:
Low-impact exercise
Alleviating pressure on the joints
Relieving stress and decreasing anxiety

The class descriptions at BASC aquatic centre are:
 Deep Water
A whole body conditioning workout to improve overall strength, particularly the core (abdominal) muscles. Participants are required to wear a buoyancy belt as your feet are off the bottom of the pool.

White Water
A high intensity class designed to elevate the heart rate and improve fitness levels. May involve some moderate resistance work for strength development. An ideal class to add as variety to your weekly fitness regime.

Gentle Aqua
A fun class with a gentle touch. Designed for the older adult, beginners and pre/post natal, classes are social, gentle and conducted in a comfortable / safe environment.

Movement Unlimited
A moderate intensity aerobic workout with a focus on a ‘variety’ of exercises, with ‘fun’ being the key ingredient. This workout is aimed to improve muscle tone and flexibility.

As I regain my fitness and wane from this activity to the next, I’ll be grateful for the experience and the next level of fitness Aqua Fit has taken me to and hope in decades to come, I’m still confident to don the swimsuit and frequent an aqua fitness session.

Kamalaya - aqua fit
If you've experienced the benefits and joy of Aqua Fit we'd love to hear about it....

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