Asking for it!

Do you ask for what you want or hinder and hide behind your smile to appease others?  Whether you’re single-solo or in a relationship, sometimes asking others to do what you want to do or where you want to go maybe daunting. 

What’s prompted this blog you may ask?  Well, I’m reading an article by Mel Robbins that’s featuring failure, rejections and fears that may be holding people back because they may not be asking for what they want.  So, of course I stop, ponder and question myself - being pragmatic, I like to check in with myself every now and then! Its something you may like to do for yourself also. 

 When you’ve allowed yourself that moment to question what you would like, it may seem like a dream and it is until you take action, then it will become a reality.  To be in that present moment, to ask yourself "what do I want", you give yourself power.  Power to ask whoever it may be for whatever you may want and it is most likely you’ve pondered this, stalled and procrastinated before asking it.  Which takes us back to the underlying reasoning of failure and rejection or is it fear as to why you haven't asked? Every time we ask for something, it’s a hurdle jumped in our life long journey.  

If there is a no or rejection to what you've asked, give it a tick, it’s done then move on to the next.   It’s coming closer to the end of the year, is there something that you would have loved to have done or experienced by now or want for the future? What’s the question sitting inside you that you’d love to ask and who?  Asking is about taking action and gathering information that can keep you moving forward - use it to help enhance your mind-body-spirit. Enjoy!

What have you asked for and received?

a trek that pushes you mentally and physically
an island holiday to rejuvenate
a remote experience like no other

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