Citrus is not just for winter

Standing in the kitchen the other day peeling a mandarin to consume to increase my vitamin c intake as I was feeling the onset of a cold.  I realised, its a given, I have citrus in my fruit bowl all year round and I love it!

Grapefruit, ruby red my favourite, was brought to my attention again a few years ago when staying at an elderly friend's house.  Every morning, like my nana's kitchen used to be when I was child visiting, a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, toast with jams and vegemite would be on the breakfast table along with a pot of tea.  The difference at my friend's table, she'd have half a grapefruit placed at my seating waiting for me and an avocado was an addition to the condiments. In the 70's I tried it, as dad was on some grapefruit fad, but I found it repulsive.  Sporadically the grapefruit of delicious juiciness and flavour has become a favourite way to start the day.

Another variation to the start of my day is a glass of warm water and a slice or two of lemon.  I'll keep replenishing the glass, thus myself throughout the day with the lemon water until there's no lemon flavour, only then to add another slice to continue drinking.  This also helps as a reminder to drink those eight glasses of water a day. Another citrus take on my morning beverage is, if I have a lime and feel like a bit of zing to my green juice, I'll simply squeeze it in. It's all fresh and full of goodness.

Come the warmer days and days of extended daylight, its limes that I cherish. Why? because I love a gin & tonic with lime. Lime, I also love squeezed over a delicious Thai curry.  Oh, know thinking of food, another favourite is lemon slice or a piece of lemon tart with a hot freshly brewed lot black coffe.  Lemon gelato, who doesn't love that at least once on a summers day or when exploring Italy.

Citrus offers many benefits beyond being a boost of vitamin c during winter, studies show it may even reduce the risk of women having a stroke.  So, when next visiting your local farmers market or grocer store, grab an assortment of citrus and as I've said before "keep it fresh and keep it real".

Here I'm sharing some delicious recipes that I love to use that involve citrus - enjoy!
Lime & Wasabi dressing
Citrus Salad with Manuka Honey, Vanilla + Pistachio
Lemon Chicken soup Greek style - avgolemono
Absolute Sanctuary - Detox Juice
hot water with lemon + ginger
Australian macadamia + citrus body scrub
How do you add citrus to your day? Do tell...

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