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Absolute Sanctuary has been a part of our Spa WellnessTravel Collection for several years. Each year there’s a selection process that I go through to make certain that the destination spa we choose to work with is offering a positive experience and outcome for the guest when booking with Spa Wellness Travel.
On the surface, Absolute Sanctuary may look like a solo establishment but for those living in Bangkok; they know there’s much more before it began.  For Benjaporn Karoooknornsakul, it was an inevitable progression for the advancement of Absolute You.  A Thai woman living and working in finance first discovered yoga in 2001 and has been hooked ever since - it resonated with her and she felt the benefits.

On returning to Bangkok, she was adamant she was going to continue her practise and in doing so set about opening her own studio.   As her life and body changed, as it does with age and after having children, her curiosity and dedication to allowing your body to be the best it can be lead to the addition of Pilates reformer classes then CoreBlast classes.  With a mission to improve your lifestyle and evolve you to someone you want to become, Karooknornsakul has created Absolute You. 

Eight studios are now dotted around Bangkok, as well as an Absolute Fitfood outlet - knowing you cannot look and feel good alone on exercise that you do need a nutritional wholesome balance diet to improve your being.  Now this takes us back to where we started, at Absolute Sanctuary.
An award winning destination spa, Absolute Sanctuary in 2016 was awarded “Best for Yoga” by Wellness Travel Awards – spafinder. 

With a large array of fitness and yoga classes at Absolute Sanctuary, guests in the new year can expect an upgrading of facilities, a larger gym and the addition of a rhythm cycling studio in addition two the two new wellness programs – Lifestyle Change and Meaningful Holiday.

Lifestyle Change package is structured over 30 or 60 days with three defined phases to strengthen you and give you the knowledge to take away so your transformed you lives beyond the stay at Absolute Sanctuary!   Enquire and book your stay today.

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