Massage.  It is a word we have all heard of and it is not to be taken for granted.

A slow inhale-exhale then I calmly express “that was fabulous. Thank you.” That’s what I said as my Li'Tya kodo massage came to end at Mud Day Spa.  It is not the first time and I’m sure it will not be the last time that I thank and feel a sense of gratitude after surrendering to the skilful hands of the spa therapist or masseuse. It’s that feeling of being in the moment and having released all thoughts and angst of the world and reality of outside.   

Life has a strange way of operating with some days or weeks being more emotionally strenuous than others.  We’ve all felt it, that sometimes there are aspects of life that we are attached to that can be emotionally draining for a few days, weeks and months. Then at times there’s the same matter that eases off only to reappear with a feeling of never really disappearing.  The variance of life’s up and down events can be of little or extreme shock, drama, sadness or frustration which can cause emotional tension to rise.  Tension is an indicator that life has been a tad stressful; those felt symptoms of back/neck ache, headaches, light headed/dizzy, irregular breathing, irritable, gastrointestinal changes, worry, rapid heart rate, poor concentration, forgetfulness and difficulty quietening the mind or low energy may just be your trigger. 

hot stone massage
If you can relate to any of this, take a moment and ask yourself “when can I take a moment from life to surrender and rejuvenate at a day spa?”.  The array of massages are all benefiting, try and make a promise to yourself that one day you will tick off all the massage options within their spa menu.

Some massages that maybe available on a spa menu:
Swedish/Relaxation        Aromatherapy         Hot Stone            Deep Tissue       Shiatsu                
Lomi Lomi            Kodo Massage             Thai             Balinese           Signature        Pregnancy

Here are a few of our favourite day spas within Australia I suggest you book in for a massage:

Park Hyatt Melbourne
Dome Spa Retreat                                        

 Not sure which massage will benefit you most, well discuss it with the receptionist on booking. But, often the description and your intuition will serve you correct.
Remember massage is not just about releasing stiff muscles, the power and benefit of having a skilful therapist and the comfort of nicely appointed treatment room – yes, sound, temperature, aroma and equipment make a difference - to release some pent up emotion.  You are more than the physical!

Wish to take a Spa Wellness Travel package staying at a stunning spa resort or spa wellness retreat, well contact us here: T: 03-5254 1411

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